Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tidying up the garden

This a photo I took of a Jacaranda tree not far from my place.  This photo was taken a few years ago but it is currently in full bloom just like this.  I detour just so I can drive or walk past it. Beautiful.

Tonight after work I spent some time tidying up my side "garden".  This is where I have my veggies,  herbs, lemon tree and some other plants.  It is a narrow strip down the side of the house with a retaining wall put there by the builders when they excavated to build our house.  As I mentioned yesterday, the neighbour on that side did some work on his driveway and in the process there was collateral damage on my patch.

My poor lemon tree that I planted about a year ago was almost uprooted.  I put the dirt (and the neighbours gravel) back into the hole and cleared up around it.  I also have a yellow banksia rose growing in that corner which I also gave a trim.

Close up of damage:
I gave it a good drink of Seasol.  It needs some more compost and a layer of mulch.  Hope it survives.

To have that beautiful garden I long for, I need to spend time maintaining it.  So starting today if I just give it 15 minutes a day attention, in no time at all it should be looking much better.

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