Tuesday, January 1, 2013

About this blog...

I've started this blog to document my creative explorations over the year.  My "word" for 2013 is create.

For many years I have not had the energy or passion to create my dreams, whether it be gardening, decorating or sewing.  In 2012 I used the word Passion as my word for the year and went about trying to find my missing passion.  I undertook the 12 week journey of The Artist Way.  I went to Bali on a women's retreat, saw a Balinese healer and finally in December  undertook the 30 day Paleo challenge. All of these could be detailed in separate posts (and maybe they will be some time in the future).

While I was away in Bali the word Create came to me as the word I need to focus on in 2013.  In the end to find passion you need to create.  You need to do things that inspire you.  By "doing", you create passion.

This blog will be my journey to create.  I already have a sewing blog that has been neglected but I felt I need a new space to focus on all the things that I am interested in.  Things that I believe I can be passionate about.  No doubt things will change over the year as my journey progresses.  Overall, I want to have fun!

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  1. Dear Vicki -
    Happy 2013! A new year, a new blog: awesome!! I started mine in late January of 2012. It's been such an adventure. I look forward to following your journey here.
    Warm wishes from DC,