Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another day an a few more weeds hit the dust.

Today I finished my sister's gift.  Unfortunately can't show it yet in case she sees it. Hopefully I will be able to catch up with her on the weekend.

I also pulled some more weeds and noticed my poor lemon tree now only has one little green lemon.  Where did the other go?  Do possums like lemons?  I bet they don't eat Paul Bangay's lemons (the photo above is just part of Paul's veggie patch.  Yes I am jealous.)

Edited to apologize to all possums out there - the missing lemon was taken by miss Sofie who thought it was a lime and decided to make a drink with it.

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  1. About possums, they like freshly baked bread! The other night my husband put the plated loaf outside on the deck to cool since he wanted some bread with jam as a late snack. After an hour or so I went to take it back in and a chunk was missing. One of the resident possums must have been sneaking up lured by the smell! Also the cat was inside otherwise she would have chased it away.