Monday, January 7, 2013

Moroccan slow cooker lamb casserole with mashed sweet potato

Tonight I made the yummiest sweet potato mash to go with our slow cooker lamb casserole.  Unfortunately I didn't take a photo (not sure how that happened as I take a lot of photos of the food I make).  I think we were hungry and just dug in.

I generally don't follow recipes, and promptly forget what I make and how I made it.  So the successful meals I plan to record here.

First the casserole - sautéed half an onion, celery stick, clove of garlic and a carrot in ghee.  I have a slow cooker that you can put on stove top to sauté.  Then added a heaped tablespoon of Moroccan spices (make sure your spices are all spices and not filled with salt, onion or garlic powder) and about 1kg of diced lamb.  Once all browned added chicken stock to barely cover, a quarter of a preserved lemon and put into slow cooker on medium for about 5 hours.  It could have done with less time as it was well cooked.  I sprinkled it with chopped fresh coriander to serve.  Any veggies can be added.  More onion and garlic would be good if you can tolerate it. Too much gives me a stomach ache.

Sweet potato mash - chopped some ginger and a large clove of garlic in some coconut oil.  Added about 4 small sweet potatoes.  Added some chicken stock to cook.  Not too much as don't want it too watery.  Once cooked mashed with some coconut milk to get nice consistency.  Yummy!

We also had sauteed silverbeet straight out of the garden.  Our neighbour decided to dig up his driveway which is the other side of the fence from our veggie patch.  Not happy!  I had to harvest the full silverbeet plants due to their disturbance (see poor plant in photo above).  The lemon tree is not looking happy either!

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  1. I'm trying to get back to eating Paleo as well and your sweet potato mash sounds very interesting. I'll give ti a try! Thanks!