Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making space

I have spent a good part of my break from work since Christmas decluttering and reworking my wardrobe.  I have a small walk in robe all to myself - one of the perks of being a single lady.  But even this was not sufficient to hold all my shoes, bags and clothes.  Oh dear!  I have had dreams ever since we moved here 3 years ago to rework the layout.  After much thought and deliberation (over the said 3 year period) I decided something quick and easy is the way to go.  Surely I could add a couple of extra shelves and hanging  bars?  How hard can it be?  I have a drill, the Internet and ideas!!

Hmmm, a supposedly quick project took me 4 days and one of those included a lie down and cry.  It also involved 7 trips to Bunnings - but we won't go into that.  Suffice to say you should check that your drill is going forwards and not reverse.  Sheesh, but I now feel accomplished in the tool department.

Anyway, the picture above is a sneak-peak of what I have done.  The photo below is a before shot.

Sorry about the blurry iPhone shots but that is all I have for now.  And you can't see much but where I had one hanging rail I now have 3.  And extra shelves.

I have ordered a mirror tallboy to store my delicates and a matching chest of drawers for tops and gym gear.  An ottoman was also purchased so that I can reach those top hangers. I will do a complete post when they all arrive.  I am pretty excited.  By the end of the year I hope to have lots of new made by me garments hanging there.

I am cleaning out the old and no longer loved and making room for life, fun and creativity.

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