Friday, January 4, 2013

Still clearing out the debris.

Two more days of cleaning, sorting and clearing out.  We have overflowed the rubbish bin, taken two trips to the Salvos and still more to go.  I have washed and ironed the slipcovers, vacuumed the shutters and generally worked non stop in a Melbourne heatwave.  I have found space for my sewing and another for Sofie for her interior design school work.  But still plenty of "piles" to be sorted.

What surprises me is the fact that I am doing all this!  I seem to be possessed.  I just don't want to stop until I get a clean, serene environment.  Lucky my bedroom is an escape when it all gets too much.  As you can see Prinny, Sofie's cat, finds it a good place to chill out too.  I just wish she wouldn't leave her hair behind!

Notice the bedhead?  And the pretty floral bedspread with matching pillow cases?  I made those.  I still have the bedskirt to make and a cushion for the coffee table at the end of the bed.  Stay tuned....


  1. Oohhh, I will follow you along on this new journey! You seem to be on an inner mission, leading you along your new creative path for 2013 - love the bedspread/pillow fabric - could I ask where you purchased it from??? Good fabric finds in Aussie are few and far between...

  2. Hey, Judith, thanks for stopping by! I purchased it about 10 years ago at Joys's fabric Warehouse in Geelong. It is sheeting fabric. I really loved it but boy has it taken me a long time to make it up. But it is done now :)