Saturday, January 5, 2013

Look.....I've been sewing!

I have set up a sewing place in the kitchen.  We live in a townhouse without any spare rooms to set up for specific tasks.  Sofie was using this area to study.

There is a wasted space upstairs that we (We meaning my daughters) tended to use to dump stuff.  We cleared that out and put a desk there for her.  The same space has a sofa bed for visitors.  Small homes need to have multi use rooms.  This space is not fully enclosed, just an area at the top of the stairs:
So still plenty of more work to be done, but we have started. :)


  1. But that area is all you really need for sewing - good light and a bit of space to spread out for a few minutes/, what are you sewing???

  2. Hi, I'm wandering over after your post from Hongkongshopper popped up in my blog roll. It's been in my roll for years but I don't think I ever commented! I gave up on my sewing blog too as there is so many things I like do/ramble about, including Paleo eating :o)

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by. Will come and visit your blog soon.

  3. Great designing, and love the inviting look. Trunk cases are fabulous.